About Brian Luck

“I can’t expect everyone to appreciate or want me looking out for their best interest, but I’ll never give up that hope…” – Brian Luck

When it comes to selecting a Real Estate Agent, some people aren’t concerned about quality of service, convenience, or saving time and money…

I prefer to work with those who are.

Doing business from northeast Wayne County west to US 23, and north through Michigan’s thumb. Interested in other areas or outside of Michigan? No matter where you need to be, I’ll assist in locating a reputable agent to handle your needs. Consider me a “one-stop shop” for ALL your real estate, property and mortgage related needs; monitoring my resource providers (lenders, insurers, title companies, contractors, etc.) at all times to maintain the best service possible.

I am a FULL TIME independent contractor… assisting buyers with financing options and negotiating strategy; sellers with “challenging” properties/situations or in foreclosure prevention and short sale negotiation; creative options to give both buyers and sellers a competitive edge, etc.

I run my business differently; providing service above and beyond the competition, and saving you time AND money. I’d like the opportunity to share information and experience, and help meet your goals as a buyer or seller!

My Mission Statement:

Superior Buyer Representation and Seller Marketing Strategies is the heart of my business… saving buyers and sellers time and money, while creating client advocates along the way. Whether you are just starting out researching your options, or a “veteran” buyer or seller… no situation or transaction is ever the same; no question or concern too trivial. Everyone “knows” a real estate agent… but when considering one of the most important transitions in your life… you should be loyal to yourself by exploring your options. I hope and look forward to that opportunity!